No awkward moments or stiff posing because we believe the best photographs are the ones that appear effortless.

About Us

As a recently wed couple ourselves, we know how much thought and energy goes into planning every detail of a wedding. You put blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears, let's be honest) into crafting and planning your perfect day. So it's our goal to fully document all of those details, the heart behind them, and the celebration surrounding it all. Most of all, your love story deserves to be beautifully captured on camera by someone dedicated to getting to know you and the moments that make your relationship truly special. That's why choosing the right photographer is one of the most important investments you'll make for your day.



I'm a free spirit, hippie at heart and animal lover to the extreme. If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I would spend my days as a veterinarian and house all the stray pets I could find and maybe do a little graphic design on the side. I'm a California native and I love avocados and tacos as much as life itself. The ocean is my happy place. I draw inspiration from nature's beauty and people who passionately pursue what they love. I am in love with what I do and to say I put my whole heart into every client would be an understatement. I adore a good story and any person, place or thing with a little character, old world charm and a bit of quirkiness.



I’m the analytical one. Organized and detailed to a fault. My desk is pathetically neat. I hate stacked and saved emails and love my “To Do” list. There is no other path for me, other than being a photographer, as my creative side truly sets my soul free. I live for adventure, enjoy great coffee and sipping fine wine. If I could do nothing else, it would be traveling and exploring the world. You would always find my camera in my hand and my beautiful wife by my side, who always brings balance to my life. Love is such an exceptional feeling and I’m grateful to be the one to share that with others from what I see before my lens.

How we met
In a modern twist, it was the fate of a Craig's List ad. Not the personals, but the work for hire ... lol. Jay put out an ad for a beautiful, vivacious, Californian blonde photographer and Cheryl (not knowing what she was getting into), applied for the job. It was love at first sight and a partnership that blossomed into business & marriage. Lucky us!!

I'll stand with you in the pouring rain, even though I know I could be dry. That's what happens when you love someone. Your happiness just doesn't mean as much without theirs.



They say that opposites attract and it couldn't be more true for Cheryl and Jay. There is something about very different people discovering what they have in common and learning how they compliment each other that can be so perfect. In relationships this can be summed up perfectly with the following quote... "You complete what I am not." And that says it all really. Cheryl and Jay fit together like opposite puzzle pieces, filling and balancing out their respective personalities. As your photographers, they really use their different perspectives to their advantage in giving you the perfect full coverage. They see the world differently and this means so much for their individual photography visions. Your photo gallery will be complete with two very unique perspectives of the same moments and what could be better than that?
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