How to get the Most out of Your Wedding Photographer

December 16, 2020

Part 1 - Timelines

With 2 sets of eyes and our keen sense and ability to see everything around us, you would get the best of all worlds. Getting ready shots, details and moments!!!!!! Lots of moments!

We can talk about the benefits of photographers who work in teams vs how we do that, later.

So, after the getting ready shots you have a choice. Do you do a First Look or not?

Honestly, we can capture your day perfectly either way. We hate pushy photographers that TELL YOU what to do.

Know the facts, then make your decision.


If you are planning an outdoor Ceremony and you want the best lighting, Sunset is not the best time to do it. While the sun is setting and the sky is gorgeous, you would not want your guests to be googling at that and not be emersed into your nuptials. Then, thereafter, if you chose to do some family shots – we are now shooting in the dark. Since you can’t light up the sky, bodies are flash lit, and the sky is dark. Not the most aesthetic shots.

A better use of your timeline would be to have your Ceremony in “setting” light and the Sunset to take place during the Cocktail Hour. During the Cocktail Hour, with drinks in hand, your guest can drool over the colors in the sky. Let them enjoy that!!!!

First look

We can set the stage to make sure that (privately) you are having the most memorable moment of your life – when you come into each other’s arms and share that spotlight moment. It’s just magical!



"Patiently the night waits for the moon and loves whatever face she happens to show. Oh to be loved like that."

Consider a First Look with your Dad